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Screen Creator Deluxe is a fast and easy way to create your own 2D and 3D presentations. You can import your digital photos and images, and create stunning animated screen savers with one click.
You can even combine your photos and audio and design your own dynamic screen savers that include panoramic photos, short movies, looping music, and more. Screen Creator Deluxe features more than 50 professional-quality pre-created screen savers. Just select your images, audio, and create your screen saver in minutes! No graphic art skills are required.
The software supports most major file formats, including Adobe Flash (.swf), MP3, AVI, and more. You can personalize and upload your creations directly to the web, to a CD, or to email. Your creations are fully customizable, so you can easily create presentations for your family, friends, students, and colleagues.
Use Screen Creator Deluxe to create professional 2D or 3D presentations, including flip-page photo albums, revolving cubes, triangles, and more. You can edit with custom tools and add transition effects, timing controls, and paths.
Import photos, graphics, music, and more from your digital camera, scanner, music player, and more. You can even control the speed of the slideshow so that it will automatically advance to the next image or song.
Install directly from your hard drive, a CD-ROM, or an Internet web site. Screen Creator Deluxe includes a complete set of tools to help you create your presentation, including a timeline for adding captions and sounds, plus a preview window to make sure your presentation looks perfect.
The software lets you create presentations using both standard and panoramic images. You can position your images on a timeline for a sophisticated presentation. The panoramic background has a floating, motion-enabled button that allows you to scroll left and right to see the entire background.
Screen Creator Deluxe Features:
– Over 50 professionally developed presentations
– Supports many different file formats
– Auto-installing presentations
– Self-installing presentations
– Add captions, background music, sound effects
– Special effects like snow, clouds, rain
– Timing controls and play-to-next transitions
– Place your photo on a timeline
– Create presentations in standard and panoramic image formats
– Create presentations for your family, friends, and colleagues
– Upload presentations to web sites, email, or CD
– Include your own music and photo music
– Create a

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The Ultimate Screen Savers Software
Share your holiday photos with a personalized screen saver, project your pictures on a flip-page album, make your presentation “come alive” with animation, and much more. Screen Creator Deluxe creates professionally designed screen savers with easy-to-use step-by-step wizards. Start from a template or import any format of your digital photo, audio, and video files. Add special effects, clip art, backgrounds, and text to your presentation. You can link all your multimedia files to a different song in seconds, and save your presentation in any major file format. Use the included Overlay and Flip Page tools to create custom presentations. Your presentation can be handed out as a self-installing screen saver or installed on your computer’s desktop. Enjoy creative effects and animations. Share all of your favorite photos in full-screen slide shows. Personalize your screen saver with a variety of cool background effects, clip art, fonts, and even animated video!
Photography Studio
Add text, clip art, and other special effects. Easily create sophisticated presentations for use as a company or school slide show, family holiday screen saver, and more. Share your own images and music. Add your own music and animated audio to slide shows for presentation on a DVD. Screen Creator Deluxe also features a variety of transition effects. Transitions can be timed to music or can run continuously. Create unique presentations using panorama images, 3D models, and multiple background images.
Personal Presentations
Share vacation photos with a personalized screen saver, project your pictures on a flip-page album, create a photo calendar, or make your presentation “come alive” with animation. Use the Overlay tool to overlay a picture or image on top of a background or clip art, or use the Flip Page tool to flip your picture one page at a time. Just right-click and drag to move your photo to any location. You can even create a dynamic picture frame with a rotating picture.
Full-Color and Black-and-White
Screen Creator Deluxe offers flexible options for creating sophisticated full-color or black-and-white screen savers. Select a variety of full-color or black-and-white clip art, backgrounds, and fonts to create a stylish presentation. Or select your own images and music. You can also add a full-screen photo of yourself and other personalized effects to create a personal screen saver.
Photo and Audio Video
Screen Creator Deluxe lets you import digital

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Make your own screensavers, desktop, or photo albums, or create your own amazing slide shows! It’s easy with Screen Creator Deluxe – a simple app that provides you with the tools needed to create your own professional screen savers in minutes! Customize the look of your presentation, add backgrounds, clipart, and photos, and share it with the people you love.
– Create screensavers with two or three pages – keep it simple, or go crazy!
– Work with any digital image, audio, or video file
– Fast and simple to use – no complex tools
– Share your screen savers via email
– Share screen savers with friends and family via email
– Create slideshow presentations
– Add photos and images
– Add text
– Add music
– Add animation and effects
– Add pages
– Create screen savers and presentations in seconds
– Make screen savers that loop endlessly
– Generate high-quality screenshots and screen recordings
– Record your own audio files to use with your presentation
– Add transition effects and pause times
– Create multiple pages
– Add clipart
– Export your presentation as a single image or to HTML
– Share your screen savers and presentations via email
– Screen savers work on Windows, Mac, and Linux
– Make screen savers with English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Russian


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I’ve been wanting this for a while now. Very good quality and the only issues I’ve seen so far is that it doesn’t always add a “sharp” overlay to the file so you may have to do that yourself. No big deal.

Good app for the price.

Really simple to use, and it can do very simple slide shows as well as creating more complex slide shows that are fully customizable.

The only issue with it is that sometimes when you apply effects to the slide, it’s a bit glitchy, but this is easy to fix and, in my opinion, is very minor and not really that distracting.

Also, the automatic song selection is really good, though sometimes you might want to adjust some of the transitions to make it a bit more musical.

Nice size

Simple to use

Fun for kids, and a very nice way to teach them about slide shows and computers

What’s New In?

Powerful, easy-to-use program for creating animated Windows screen savers and animated.swf Flash presentations with professional effects and video quality. Introducing a revolutionary new way to share your photos, music, and videos with friends and family. Create professional-quality screen savers for your computer with your favorite photos, sounds, or music.

Add a caption or a custom background photo that appears on every image, and add an unlimited amount of images, sounds, text, and transitions. Create professional-quality 2D or 3D screen savers and animations using both static and animated elements.

And if you really want to dazzle your friends and family, you can add your own audio or video.

Create beautiful screen savers for your home computer or laptop, add custom backgrounds, add audio, edit transitions and timing, and have your presentation appear at the push of a button.

Create a digital photo flip-book, animated cube, animation, or effect that’s as easy as making a flip card. You can even add your own music and synchronize the timing of the presentation to your favorite song!

Import all major file formats including.swf Flash video files, MP3 audio files,.jpg,.bmp,.avi,.gif,.pct,.tif, digital camera, scanned photos, and more.

Screen Creator Deluxe includes over 50 professionally-developed screen savers, complete with sound files, clip art, and sample material to help get you started.

Create a personalized screen saver in minutes for use on your PC or Mac, send to friends or family as a self-installing attachment, and email the presentation as a slide show.

About Cool Tools Screen Saver:

Over 50 professionally-developed screen savers, complete with sounds and background graphics

Includes a variety of screen savers, including images, audio, and transition effects

Import any major file format, including.jpg,.bmp,.avi,.gif,.pct,.tif, digital camera, scanned photos, and more

Create screen savers with sounds for presentation of your photos, music, and videos

Add captions, background photos, and other graphics to every photo

Create a personalized screen saver that’s as easy as making a flip card

Wrap your screen saver or slideshow presentation as a self-installing attachment

Email the presentation as a slide show

Use as a digital photo flip-book, animation, or effect

Create a digital photo flip-book, animation, or effect that’s as easy as making a flip card

Save time and money

Enjoy the latest screen saver technology in the form of software

The latest screensaver technology combines the power of Windows with the creativity of Mac OS X to give you the power of powerful PC software in your screen saver

System Requirements For Screen Creator Deluxe:

OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290
Hard Disk: 1 GB free space
Additional: Adobe Flash Player (Latest Version)
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980 or AMD R9 390
Additional: Adobe Flash Player (Latest Version)