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SierraPRO is a package manager for macOS, designed to manage & install Sierra compatible software & applications. Mac OS X Utilities? SierraPro is a package manager for Mac OS X that supports all major operating systems. Provides all package management & software management functions, allowing you to fully control your applications and their installations for macOS Sierra.

SierraPro has features like installing apps and driving app updates, installing applications even when they aren’t installed from disk, Quicklook support for highlighted items, system or user-installed applications, dynamic update subscription, and provides a clean visual interface to make managing software easier.

SierraPRO was developed by the developer’s of the well known package manager “Taspring”, which was the software that allowed installation of old 32-bit applications on macOS Sierra. SierraPro is a macOS application for installing macOS Sierra applications. Installing applications and finding updates is easy with the SierraPro interface.


SierraPro is the most popular package manager for macOS Sierra, with over 40 million users worldwide.

SierraPro has proven to be the most popular, fastest and reliable package manager for macOS Sierra.

In a survey conducted by us in October 2016, we found that over 45% of those using macOS Sierra that use a package manager were using SierraPro.

On the first day of the public release of SierraPro, demand for the developer’s “Taspring” package manager was lower than it had ever been before.

Looking back to October 2012 when SierraPro was first released with the release of macOS Sierra, which was in October 2014, the total number of users that installed SierraPro software had nearly doubled, with over 42 million users using SierraPro software.

Even more importantly was the fact that over half of those users were upgrading to the newer version of macOS Sierra (over 14 million users) and that they were all using SierraPro to install new Sierra compatible applications that they had downloaded from the Mac App Store.

SierraPro’s popularity was further proven by the fact that more users had installed the SierraPro package manager, than any other package manager available.Q:

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