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ARCHICAD 16. ARKTYVINYI SIMULATORAL GAZ DENİM / TELEFOTOMAGLIK ŞİMDENİZİ KİŞİMİZİ VE KİM-İN izleri / ANNEXE Here you can download full version of (7. magyar for windows + archiCAD 11. UNICATE.

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If you install Autodesk Revit on Windows, it provides a way to set the language to Hungarian. Revit offers several additional languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian, and more), but Hungarian is the one that’s easiest to select from the list. I think it’s basically a one-click install. You can then enter your language settings in Revit if you want.
If you’re already using Revit, you’ll want to go to View -> User Preferences -> General and check the box for Hungarian. It’s not a great user interface, but it’s the only way to change it on Windows.


Thursday, April 15, 2012

Home Improvement: Putting up curtain rods

Here’s what we did for our curtain rods:

1) Cut pieces of pine and then cut them into boards to get the right length.

2) Glue the pieces together with wood glue and let them dry.

3) Sand the edges of the boards.

4) Use the nails to nail the pine boards into place.

5) Add a dab of wood glue on top of the nails before we started nailing. We used two coats of stain to finish the pine.

Now it’s up to our curtain rod and curtain. We should be able to get it hung in the next couple of days, I think. I’m nervous about it — but hey, it’s a curtain. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll be back to square one!

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