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Proof of concept instructions
PDF reader (Windows)
Please complete the following steps:
1. Download the PDF document you want to extract the data from.
2. Open up a notepad application and go to the location where you have downloaded the document.
3. Delete the document that you downloaded.
4. Load the document you want to extract the data from into the document reader application you have used.
5. Right click inside of the app and click “Extract data”.
6. This will extract the data from the document.
How does your own method work?
When you open a PDF document in your computer’s PDF reader, the PDF reader will
send a Request to Adobe Acrobat for the contents of the PDF document.

Acrobat can respond with a PDF of the contents of the PDF document or it can return some data in a format that makes it simple for the reader to get that data.
When you select to “Extract Data” inside the reader, this part of the process makes that request to Adobe Acrobat
and gets the data from Acrobat.
The rest of the procedure simply displays the data to you in a text-based program.

What happens to the original PDF document?
The original PDF document and all extracted data remains on the computer and is visible through Windows Explorer.
They are not deleted or harmed in any way.
If you don’t like the data you have extracted, then open up a file explorer (Windows), navigate to the directory you used to extract the data.
Remove the documents with the following filenames:

(You can avoid this by simply pressing the “Cancel” button when prompted by the message.)
Be sure to remove all pdf documents.
Running tasks
Extract data
Extracting all the data from a document may take some time.
While the data is being extracted, it is displayed in a text-based program.
Extracting the data for each page of a document may be noticeably slower than extracting the
data for a single document.

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The recent series of North Korea missile tests have once again put US and South Korea at the center of the escalation and uncertainty in the South China Sea, prompted threats of retaliation from US President Trump, Seoul’s statement that it will retaliate if North Korea is attacked, and the expressed support from Japan. Chinese leaders in Beijing remain noncommittal towards any substantive action against North Korea as it was widely perceived as an overreaction by Trump in response to Pyongyang’s latest test of missiles that could potentially reach the US mainland.

Nevertheless, the current North Korea crisis has now been consolidated into a more urgent and complex foreign policy issue. Trump’s rhetoric in the form of tweets and public statements have created a sense of unease amongst the administration’s diplomatic partners. South Korea has also come to realize that a trade war with its largest trading partner is not a preferred course of action. This has caused a shift in Seoul’s policy on Trump, more explicitly on the issue of its alliance with the US, and Trump’s chaotic and unscripted nature.

In order to strengthen its alliance with the United States, Seoul cannot ignore the possibility of the US-South Korea partnership being fundamentally altered, as Trump’s leadership style now represents a threat to its own security. South Korea has become more determined to maintain the US alliance and protect its southern flank, a tendency that was originally due to concerns over US military presence in the region. With the US presence under threat from North Korea and its nuclear weapons program, South Korea now risks becoming a contested space for other factors with potentially significant geopolitical consequences.


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