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Oct 17, 2019. Description. PRACTICAL ACCOUNTING 1 1. On January 1, 2012, Revenue Company sold specialized computers costing .
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Accounting Part 1 Valix Solution Practical Accounting For Review For Students This book is a 100% Practical Content that contains the basic & advanced level.Q:

Entity Framework Core: One-To-One fields are not populated by DB on Updating

I have a problem with Entity Framework Core. Let’s say I have this code for a one-to-one relationship:
User should be a UserProfile. A UserProfile is related to a user (one-to-one).
// get user
var user = userRepo.FindBy(userId);

var userId = user.Id;
var profileId = user.UserProfileId;

// update user
var oldUser = db.Users.Find(userId);

oldUser.UserProfileId = profileId;
oldUser.UserName = user.UserName;
oldUser.UserLogin = user.UserLogin;
oldUser.UserMail = user.UserMail;
oldUser.IsActive = user.IsActive;

// update user

So I’m changing the values of the oldUser object and saving it to the database.
The problem is, when I’m re-querying the db to get the changed object, the new UserProfileId is always equal 0, even though I changed it in the database and it’s being saved correctly.
In the database, there are 5 rows that refer to UserProfile, 4 of which have UserProfileId = 0
Is there anything wrong with my code or am I missing some concept here?


It does not look like you are using relationship mappings:
public class UserProfile
//include your primary key
public int Id { get; set; }

public class User
//get the UserProfile that relates

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