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I’m using windows 7 home premium.I downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader XI from the Adobe website on 15/01/2017.The installer downloaded several files to a folder in C:%SystemRoot%system32softwarefolderadobe folder, notably Acrobat-Reader-Setup-10.0.6497.6070.exe and Adobe PDF Library- had previously installed Adobe Reader XI on a different PC.I uninstalled Adobe Reader XI and deleted the Adobe folder from C:%SystemRoot%system32, then reinstalled the new version of Adobe Reader XI to the C:%SystemRoot%system32softwarefolderadobe folder.The Adobe files downloaded to this PC from the Adobe website in this installation.I then tried to open a PDF file in Adobe Reader XI, but the Adobe files are listed in the app as “Adobe PDF Library”. (Just like the previous installation of Adobe Reader XI.)In the Windows Help – Technical Support Help- Adobe Reader XI does not show the content of the PDF document.There are no options available to delete the Adobe files or to reset Adobe Reader XI to a clean installation.

I tried the following:

– Clicked View on the menu bar in Adobe Reader XI, and selected Reset Adobe Reader XI. No options to choose a different Adobe version appear.After clicking Reset Adobe Reader XI, an icon in the system tray (notification icon) appears, but if you click it nothing happens.

– Clicked View on the menu bar in Adobe Reader XI, and selected Reset Adobe Reader XI. A dialog box appears to confirm the action, with a “Restart” option, and a “Cancel” option.I clicked the “Cancel” option and the dialog box disappears.I open the system tray icon, and Adobe Reader XI is closed.

I tried the following:

– From the File menu in Adobe Reader XI, I selected Open and the PDF file appears in the document window.

So the only options I have available to me in Adobe Reader XI are the following:

– Open

– Save

– Print

– Close

– Open in a new tab

There are no options in Adobe Reader XI to change the title of the PDF document to the filename of the PDF document, to change the filename of the PDF document, or to change the file type to the extension of the PDF document. I have also tried:

– Opening the PDF document in Adobe Reader XI and choosing File, Options, Preferences from the menu bar.There are no

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