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We have measured gamma-ray emission in the study area at Härnösand in the northern province of Västerbotten. The sources of radiation are in particular underground radioactive discharges from a northern minesite (Namdal) and a downstream processing plant for granite and crushed rock (Krivallen). Since April 2005 the mineralogical properties of the rock processed at Krivallen have been changed by adding sulphur dioxide (see an article by Buitink et al., 2007). It is therefore of interest to document the effects of this new treatment on the radioactive emissions and to assess their contribution to the overall radiation exposure. We have focused on radioiodine (in particular I, but also H in a few cases) as radioactivity is not normally present in the rock processed at Krivallen. Radionuclide inventories in the sediment were made by gamma-ray spectrometry and only samples collected in connection with the changed production process (in the summer of 2005) were considered. For 17 sites with groundwater flow-through, radioactive concentrations were very similar to the concentrations found in the rock discharge. In contrast, at a station with flow-through of the soil surface only, the sediment concentrations were by far higher than in rock or groundwater. Two stations where the water used to process the rock was slightly alkaline contained measurable concentrations of I