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CineSamples Voxos Epic Virtual Choir KONTAKT 2 Dvds15

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Here, there is nothing wrong with getting a little benefit from an edge. But nothing like going to your own NHL rink and doing what you did.

This would be different: if I could turn into a butterfly ball, I could add a -1 to my save percentage. But I can’t. I can play like a butterfly ball, but I’m not one.

And it’s no different with the Ehrhoff and Duchene trade. The Leafs did gain players they could use, if not now, within the next couple of years. This is another area where Burke made a mistake, which is to say that he was looking at the salary cap as a figure that had no context.

At any given moment the salary cap is only $70 million, or a third of the league’s money. The cap changes depending on the number of teams, and although there are other factors at play, it only makes sense that the cap would generally be lower at a time when there are not as many teams.

Sutter came out before the deadline and warned us that the cap would be lower. So we knew, when he signed Ehrhoff to an extension, that the cap would be pretty close to where it was.

This was also one of the main reasons that the Canucks weren’t interested in signing the Sedins, even though they really wanted to, because they knew their cap situation would change when the cap went up.

So as time went by and the Leafs realized that they needed Ehrhoff and/or Duchene, they signed them to extensions. This meant that teams weren’t shopping for those players, and so the price went up.

Just because teams used the cap to sign the Sedins, doesn’t mean the Leafs got fleeced. Just because the Leafs didn’t want to sign the Sedins, doesn’t mean the Canucks weren’t getting fleeced. It’s kind of like the comparison between Jim Benning and Steve Yzerman