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SetFSB Download

It is an overclock tool for windows.
Download SetFSB from our site with high speed.
[22.12.2008] setfsb.exe released version Here’s what’s new: added support for boot-up text, added support for two-CPU laptop, new instructions – IAP and IAC, new operation – IAS.
Tested setfsb.exe on a windows XP SP2 with a P57 board and Intel US15W chipset, and it just worked as expected.
Setfsb by itself does no harm to any of the hardware.
setfsb has a one-time cost of about $20, and one-time software cost (if you’re going to be overclocking multiple components at once), and about .
Запустив SetFSB, перейдите во вкладку Control. Там в пункте Clock Generator выберите номер чипа вашего компьютера. Выбрав номер PPL нажмите на .
Acer Aspire One D250 – Overcloking PLL w Acer Aspire One D250 SetFSB. Download file – link to post. – 03/07/2009 Added ICS9UMS9610BL.
Ставил новый клиент и получил предупреждение. Но изменить ничего не получилось. Сигнал есть, и все подключено. На WinXP sp2 и на US15W, и на US