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Employer’s Guide To Assistance With Preschool With First Year Pdf.​Venezuela: students protest for ouster of Maduro

By Bill Van Auken

27 March 2019

Venezuela’s Bolivarian government on Sunday asked the country’s judiciary to declare that tens of thousands of allegedly “extremist” protesters who have been arrested in violent clashes with security forces and rubber bullets and water canons in the last week are the “terrorists” of fascist forces linked to the United States and Colombia.

The claim is designed to set the stage for a wave of repression by the Maduro government as it prepares for a run at the March 28 general election, scheduled two days before the expiration of Maduro’s term.

According to the interior minister, Nestor Reverol, the marches and protests have “spanned several cities,” the objective being to “create chaos and promote terrorism in the country.”

The National Assembly, Venezuela’s only democratically elected legislative body, declared in a statement last Thursday that the Bolivarian government had “overstepped its bounds” with the lawless crackdown. The statement, which has been signed by all 33 legislators, offered a similar characterization of the events.

In Caracas, 200 students, who were identified as “leaders of the opposition,” refused to leave a public building in a pro-government rally organized by Venezuela’s notorious SEBIN intelligence service.

They were violently attacked by the security forces, resulting in the arrest of dozens of individuals, including a number of journalists who were covering the event. It has since come to light that the students were forced to identify themselves to the intelligence services or face brutal beatings and were forced to sign fabricated confessions.

Videos taken during the incident show that the authorities used large batons to break up the students and place them in plastic handcuffs. At one point, one of the officers can be heard yelling, “You can’t shout like this.”

In a clear violation of the right to protest, 16 of the students were taken to the notorious El Helicoide prison in Caracas, a facility infamous for its abuses and torture of political prisoners.

President Nicolas Maduro, who was reportedly touring the country and attending a meeting at the South American Investment Bank (BASEIVI), took to Twitter on Sunday morning to